Andrew Simonson


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Project status is indicated by the color of the project card:
- Complete
- Work In Progress
- Incomplete

RIT Hotspots

Live crowd migration map using RIT occupancy data


Translate paragraphs to logical flowcharts, powered by ChatGPT Winner of CSHacks' Best Use of AI by Paychex

Alternative Energy Map

ArcGIS Map of the most effective alternative energy sources in the continental United States


Collects RIT Gym Occupancy data, determining busiest workout times

Chesscom Embeds

A template for creating user profile embeds


My Resume, made in LaTeX with a custom design derived by the AltaCV template on OverLeaf

Digital Portfolio

My personal portfolio website (you're on it now!)


Slate is a web app designed to help event coordinators schedule events by congregating participant calendar data. Includes Computer Science House account integration

HvZ Bot

A Discord bot to handle role management and statistics for RIT's Humans vs. Zombies games


A team derived from the RIT Financial Management Association dedicated to learning about financial management of equities using automated solutions developed by students

Browser Trivia Bot

A tampermonkey tool used to automatically answer and submit online trivia forms, which can be tailored to different site layouts. Source currently private.

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NationsGame Rolls Sim

A simulator for the browser game, NationsGame, to analyze unit composition and predict in-game victors and unit statistics. Unfortunately, NationsGame is now defunct. Limited screenshots of functionality.

VEXcode Button Engine

VEXcode button library + examples and template for the VEX V5 brain


A C++ keylogger for windows based off a Udemy course with my custom modifications and powershell script